How to deal with stress and feel happier

    I am constantly stressed and it is something I’ve dealt with since I was younger. From meeting deadlines to … that job presentation a promotion or simply dealing with school work… Life can be overwhelming and sometimes it feels like there’s just too much going on to handle. I’ve been there and as an over-thinker I know how hard it can be not to be able to stop going though all the things I have to do over and over again. It is exhausting and draining, but over the past year or so, I’ve learned new ways to deal and let go of stress that make me feel refreshed and…


    Did I peak in High School?

    The other day I came across a video where people on their 30s, confessed being popular in High School. All of them also agreed in one thing: life after those four years did not turn out as great. That got me thinking… did I peak in High School? and will my life suck because of that? While most people consider those who peaked in high school the popular kids, I believe overachievers belong to that category as well. I mean, look at Rory Gilmore! I know she’s only a character but she is a great example. She was smart, had a bright future ahead of her and yet (spoiler alert)…

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    My first job experience

    Welcome to my first post, I hope you are all doing well, I am doing quite well myself, and I want to tell you why, because maybe some of you are going through the same thing or might go through the same thing in the future and I want to let you know that you are not alone and that there is nothing wrong in wanting something different. So… grab a cup of tea and get comfy, cause this might be a long one! I graduated las December and before that I had never had a job before. I did an internship while I was studying abroad in Canada, but…

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